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Professor Dr.Ross K.Dowling

Professor Ross Dowling is Foundation Professor of Tourism, and Head of the Tourism Program, School of Marketing, Tourism & Leisure, Faculty of Business & Law, Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. Internationally he is an Advisor, UNESCO Global Network of National Geoparks (France) as well as an Executive Board Member of the Indian Ocean Tourism Organization (Oman).

Professor Nor Aieni Mokhtar

Dr. Nor Aieni is a Professor at the Hydraulics & Hydrology Department of Faculty of Civil Engineering since year 2000. In 2002-2005 she was attached to the Bureau of Innovation & Consultancy and managed the Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation Portfolio. Presently, she is the Deputy Dean for Research Management Centre (RMC) responsible for Corporate Services Unit, i.e managing the Intellectual Property, Strategic, Human Resource, Finance, R & D Promotion and Commercialisation.

Carol Patterson

Born in Calgary, Canada, Carol Patterson is a nature and ecotourism industry consultant, speaker, and author. Her company, Kalahari Management Inc., provides assistance in assessments, strategic planning, feasibility studies and capacity building for the tourism industry. Carol’s past and current commitments in conservation and community work include assisting communities, business owners, and non-profit organizations in building sustainable tourism industries.

Professor Amran Hamzah

Prof. Amran Hamzah is a Professor in Tourism Planning and Director, Centre for Innovative Planning and Development (CIPD), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, Johor, Malaysia. He is notable for his role in championing Community Based Tourism (CBT) since the 1980s. As the former Head of the Tourism Planning Research Group (TPRG), he has led numerous studies commissioned by the Ministry of Tourism, APEC, British Council, ECER, IRDA and other government agencies related to CBT.

Lam Kee Hing

Graduated from University Malaya in 1976 with Bachelor of Economics (Business Administration), Mr. Lam’s history of involvements in people development spans over three decades. His personal friendship and close association with BEST Society Chairman, Mr. Albert Teo is one of the reasons why he is keen to be in part of the BEST Society programs. " Albert Teo and BEST Society are best known for their long term commitments in alleviating poverty by empowering the local community through imparting skills and knowledge to them".

Sarala Aikanathan

Sarala Aikanathan  has about 25years experience in the field of environmental economics and natural sciences, with extensive experience in design and management of projects in Malaysia, South-east Asia and North Africa. She graduated with a PhD in Environmental Economic from University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur and has a Master of Science from the University of New Castle upon Tyne, England.

Maj B.Shuras Bathumalai

Maj B.Shuras Bathumalai graduated from Royal Military College as 2nd Leftenant in Royal Ranger Regiment of the Malaysian Armed Forces. His ability as a self improvement trainer is notable after his psychology studies in University Malaysia Sabah in the field of human behavior, behavior modification and many other human factors. He was a delegate to the 1st World CSR AND SRI Conference 2010 to discuss on Sustainable Initiatives in Challenging Times.

Mallika Naguran

Mallika Naguran is a highly experienced communications and environmental professional. In 2008, she founded Gaia Discovery (www.gaiadiscovery.com), Asia’s independent online publication on the environment, supported by expert advisor and contributor panels. In 2011, she published the Gaia Guide, a quarterly print and web traveller guide on responsible tourism in Asia.

Dr Peter Ting

Dr. Peter graduated in Computer Science & Statistics (Australia) and MBA (UK). Currently, Dr Peter is doing his on-going research on the application of Blue Ocean Strategy® and Business Model Canvas in creating profitable and sustainable Social Enterprises, integrated with Holistic Ethical Management and Work-Life Balance Framework for Optimum Performance at Personal and Organizational levels. His current main interests are leadership and entrepreneurship in the fields of ecoTourism, integrated with ecoFarming and ecoHospitality.

Paul Porodong

Dr. Prodong’s pursuit of knowledge and self improvement led him to not only complete his Bachelors degree in anthropology and sociology, but to continue his studies to achieve a masters in anthropology and sociology, and finally his PhD in environmental anthropology. Dr. Porodong has more than 12years of working experience in collaborative work with government agencies, plantation industries, local and international NGOs, consultant firms in relation to rural communities in these three interrelated area – socioeconomic development, community empowerment and environmental conservation.