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Managing Director of SB Consulting Sdn Bhd
Certified International Motivator by Success Motivation Institute (SMI) Texas, USA.


Maj B.Shuras Bathumalai

Maj B.Shuras Bathumalai graduated from Royal Military College as 2nd Leftenant in Royal Ranger Regiment of the Malaysian Armed Forces. Throughout his career for 27 years in the Army he served in various military organizations in the Royal Ranger Regiment and also in the Army’s HQ in various states in Malaysia. When he was in the Malaysian Armed Forces during the communist era, he involved in many operations including the search and combat of the Communist armies. This provided him a great experience of handling people in difficult and critical times which needs a high level of crisis and risk management capabilities as well as keeping them focused on the task ahead.

Other areas that Maj B.Shuras Bathumalai specialized in throughout his career in the army was as a trainer. He was specially selected by the army as a trainer in the military training institutions. In similar capacity, he contributed his expertise in University Malaysia Sabah for five years and his last posting was as a Commandant of The National Service Training Center in Sabah and recognized for his ability as a trainer, he also acted as a Consultant to the National Service Department, and as member of the Evaluation Committee of the National Service Program. Maj B.Shuras was attached to the United Nation for 2 years in Cambodia and was one of the earliest to arrive in the war zone.

While in the military service Maj B.Shuras attended many courses ranging from combat and management courses. In the management aspect he was well trained in the field of Quality Management and ISO, he is a qualified Quality Management Facilitator.

His ability as a self improvement trainer is notable after his psychology studies in University Malaysia Sabah in the field of human behavior, behavior modification and many other human factors. While attached with the National Service Department he developed many training modules that are based on Emotional Intelligence Development to enhance human relationship. He continuously develops his modules and has conducted many self improvement trainings throughout Malaysia. He was employed to develop training and training modules by UMS Link Holdings Sdn Bhd after he left the military service and currently he is the Managing Director of SB Consulting Sdn Bhd and a Country Business Partner with SMI Inc. He is a Certified International Motivator by Success Motivation Institute, Texas, the USA.

Maj B.Shuras is recognized by PERBADANAN SUMBER MANUSIA BERHAD as trainer and to assist organizations to do Training Needs analysis and design effecting training programs, and conduct training programs for government agencies. Also, he was a delegate to the 1st World CSR AND SRI Conference 2010 to discuss on Sustainable Initiatives in Challenging Times.

He promotes a healthy and harmonious working environment that’s productive through effective teamwork and dynamic leadership. A well known trainer for keeping his trainees excited throughout with his humor and training skills.

The many years of experience in outdoor and indoor trainings, as a qualified Quality management facilitator and trainer, with psychology back ground and most importantly the experience in handling hundreds of workers in the military, civil government agencies and corporate organization makes him one of the best coaches and trainers available in the country.