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B.A (Honours) Anthropology and Sociology
University of Malaya

M.A (Anthropology and Sociology)
University of Malaya

PhD (Environmental Anthropology)
University of Kent, UK

Paul Porodong

Knowledge & Skill

Dr. Prodong’s pursuit of knowledge and self improvement led him to not only complete his Bachelors degree in anthropology and sociology, but to continue his studies to achieve a masters in anthropology and sociology, and finally his PhD in environmental anthropology. His interest in improving his own country of Malaysia led him to becoming a registered consultant as subject specialist (Social studies) with the department of environment (Malaysia). He is also a member of the International Register of Certified Auditors in Malaysia. In addition, Dr. Prodong can fluently read and write in five languages.

Personal Work Experience and Research Consultations

Dr. Porodong has more than 12years of working experience in collaborative work with government agencies, plantation industries, local and international NGOs, consultant firms in relation to rural communities in these three interrelated area – socioeconomic development, community empowerment and environmental conservation. Additionally, he is involved in extensive community consultation involving over 30 villages to create an ‘eco link’ between two protected area in Sabah, namely Kinabalu Park and Crocker Range Park. Dr. Porodong is also working with Sabah Parks, Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Global Diversity Foundation (GDF), a UK based NGO to develop co-management protocols for community use zones (CUZ) inside protected area in two different villages namely UluPapar, Penampang andUluSenegang, Keningau. He also contributes to consulting in Gaya Island, Taman Tunku Abdul Rahman Park to see the potential in getting the Island communities to participate in conservation.

He also has more than 12 years of experience working on large scale development planning and evaluation. In 2008 he led a group of researchers to evaluate and propose the development plan for over 400 square kilometres of Banggi Island. Currently, with 20 other colleagues, he is working on the Sabah Structure Plan 2013-2033, which focuses on a sustainable future for agriculture and fisheries. He is also working closely with the state in formulating the Sabah Environmental Policy. Most recently he is working with the Department of Irrigation and Drainage to formulate protocol to work with local communities who are living inside catchment areas which supply water for the west coast of Sabah.

While working with all of these other agencies, Dr. Porodong also holds his position as a senior lecturer in sociology and social anthropology programs in the School of Social Sciences, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, which he has held since 1998.

Research Experience

Dr. Porodong believes all things are connected, so to accompany his professinal pursuits, he is continously involved in many research projects. Within these he has participated in most roles; everything from a consultant, to lead researcher, to facilitator. He has worked with entities such as: Ministry of Rural and Regional Development Malaysia; Sabah Parks; Department of Environmental Protection, Sabah; Sabah Foundation; Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kota Kinabalu; Socioeconomic Impact Assessment for Sabah- Sarawak Gas Pipeline Project (SSGP) and Sabah Oil Gas Pipeline Kimanis (SOGP). Although these are only some of the partners that Dr. Porodong is involved with, it is clear that he is devoted to effecting long-term and positive changes for all communities and environments within Sabah and abroad.