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Founder & President
Kalahari Management Inc.

Carol Patterson

Born in Calgary, Canada, Carol Patterson is a nature and ecotourism industry consultant, speaker, and author. Her company, Kalahari Management Inc., provides assistance in assessments, strategic planning, feasibility studies and capacity building for the tourism industry.

Carol’s past and current commitments in conservation and community work include assisting communities, business owners, and non-profit organizations in building sustainable tourism industries. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of her books are donated to various conservation and wildlife rescue organizations.

Carol believes in helping organizations create sustainable business initiatives and in due course, wild spaces will be protected and rehabilitated so that future generations can enjoy them.

Due to her firm philosophy ‘to create positive changes in people and places through nature-based tourism experiences’, Carol is appointed as an Advisor to assist BEST Society in meeting their objectives. She is inspired by the projects that BEST has undertaken to support communities, based on years of practical experience from Albert Teo and his team. The ‘helping hand’ provided by BEST gives communities and businesses specific, achievable steps for real change.

Carol first visited Borneo in 2002 for Asia Pacific Ecotourism Conference (APECO) while in 2005, she was a speaker at the Borneo Ecotourism Conference BEC2005. In 2003, Carol and her co-author, Albert Teo wrote ‘Saving Paradise’, an inspiring book about business entities and local communities working together to have a positive impact on natural environments.

Carol’s message to us goes, ‘spend more time outdoors and listen to the message nature has for each of us. Traveling to natural areas can be extremely restorative to a person’s psyche and if developed properly, provide sustainable economic and social benefits to host communities. Our time on this planet is brief and travel is a great way to experience it. Travel gently, but get out and enjoy the world’.

Carol Patterson’s website: www.kalahari-online.com