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Publisher, Gaia Discovery & The Gaia
Guide Managing Director, Gaia Ideas

Mallika Naguran

Mallika Naguran is a highly experienced communications and environmental professional. In 2008, she founded Gaia Discovery (www.gaiadiscovery.com), Asia’s independent online publication on the environment, supported by expert advisor and contributor panels. In 2011, she published the Gaia Guide, a quarterly print and web traveller guide on responsible tourism in Asia. Mallika has also set up Gaia Ideas to help organisations adopt environmental solutions, ecologically sound best practices and energy efficiencies.

She has since advised governments and private sectors, in particular hotels and resorts, to reduce their carbon footprint, gain long-term profitability and support thriving communities in line with responsible tourism. Mallika also provides analytical reports on energy studies for a think tank in Singapore and has written papers on sustainable technologies for distribution at the UN Climate Change summit. When not writing or consulting, Mallika loves to scuba dive, and has taken groups out on marine restoration projects, especially the building of new coral reefs to address fishery crisis and shore erosion problems.”