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Chief Co-Creation Officer
Strategic Co-Creation Group


Dr. Peter Ting

Dr Peter believes that his most important work is to do with his God-given family where he often invests 1:1 time with each family member on weekly basis. He practices balance integration of familyfinance, and fitness to achieve the overall success in life. He practices a life of integrity as the basis of his character to express his competence. He believes that we must give our very best at every single moment as that moment can never be repeated in the exact manner.

Knowledge & Skill. Dr. Peter graduated in Computer Science & Statistics (Australia) and MBA (UK). He completed his PhD in Holistic Health Science (USA) with highest honors, on Holistic Healing in Finance with a special focus on ASIA, using the Blue Ocean Strategy as the method and framework of his dissertation. He is a Certified Holistic Trainer, and former Director of Training and Education with Napoleon Hill Associates. He is noted for his gifted ability to give keynote address, putting ideas into writing and diagrams as well as translating them into executable business ventures.

Personal Work Experience. Apart from Malaysia, Dr. Peter has worked as a Professional Trainer & Holistic Leadership Life Coach in Australia, USA, Canada, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Brunei, and Oman since 1989. He has also worked as Lecturer, Course Director, Academic Head, Vice-Principal, Project Manager, International Franchise Manager, and Group CEO while in Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Group Work Experience. Together with his regional consulting team, over the past 5 years, they have consulted or are currently working in industry sectors with Blue Ocean Strategy® Framework and Tools such as banking, finance, insurance, education, health-care, property development, construction, hotel, tourism, government, ICT, HR, Telco, etc.

Research Interests. Currently, Dr Peter is doing his on-going research on the application of Blue Ocean Strategy® and Business Model Canvas in creating profitable and sustainable Social Enterprises, integrated with Holistic Ethical Management and Work-Life Balance Framework for Optimum Performance at Personal and Organizational levels. His current main interests are leadership and entrepreneurship in the fields of ecoTourism, integrated with ecoFarming and ecoHospitality.

For the past 5 years, Dr Peter served as the Regional Vice President (Strategic Market Innovation) of UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Centre with 10 countries consulting network. He was also the head of the UCSI Leadership Development Centre.

FURTHER INFORMATION: LINKEDIN: http://www.linkedin.com/in/drpeterting