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Bachelor of Economics (Business Administration)
University Malaya

Email: khinglam@gmail.com

Lam Kee Hing

Graduated from University Malaya in 1976 with Bachelor of Economics (Business Administration), Mr. Lam’s history of involvements in people development spans over three decades. Since graduation, he has been actively training and developing students and church leaders with various organizations both in West and East Malaysia. Originally from Johore, he has been in Sabah for 21 years and in that time he has been actively involved in various social – concern projects such as Love in Action, Prison Ministry and Keningau Flood Relief. He was appointed a member of the Board of Visiting Justice by the State Government for 6 terms. In 1999, Mr. Lam helped in setting up a hostel for poor students in Pitas called Asrama Harapan Baru. The hostel provides reasonable accommodation for poor students as well as seeking to upgrade the educational capacity and instilling moral and spiritual depth to the students.

Another milestone was achieved in 2004 when he started a company called Cornerstone Resources . The formation of this company is aimed to provide leadership training to indigenous leaders and to allocate resources to help them develop spiritually and economically. “It is my vision to maximize my potential to help others maximizing their potential to the fullest. This has been the guiding principle for me to serve the people”, Mr. Lam said. “Most of the indigenous people here lack resources to grow their potential. Connerstone Resources is one of many channels for me to play a significant role in community development programs”, he added.

Seeking for partners with same heart and vision, Mr. Lam believes BEST Society is yet another major channel to help the community. His personal friendship and close association with BEST Society Chairman, Mr. Albert Teo is one of the reasons why he is keen to be in part of the BEST Society programs. “Albert Teo and BEST Society are best known for their long term commitments in alleviating poverty by empowering the local community through imparting skills and knowledge to them.” BEST Society’s biggest challenge is that of changing the locals’ mindset and it is a critical and strategic element to helping the locals to be successful in the long term. Under BEST Society , Mr. Lam was brought in to help in various community development programs in Kudat and Sukau since 2006, especially in the area of personal and leadership development.

Having spent a great deal of time in these endeavors, Mr. Lam acknowledges the obstacles he is facing. “Overcoming the local’s mindset and their lack of self-esteem are the uphill tasks we have to confront. “We need to help them to think outside the box and be competitive, yet we have to be sensitive to their traditions and cultural values too. A deep understanding of the locals’ belief and sound communication are imperative to make this possible”, Mr. Lam added.

Mr. Lam expressed hopes of continuing his role in community development programs. His passion to serve is not limited by age and he is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to help the local community. His recent appointment as a Panel of Advisor for BEST Society signifies his relentless determination and he will continue to contribute his knowledge, time and energy for the betterment of the locals.