BEST Society with funding obtained through CIMB Foundation provided 6 units of laptops (ASUS A555LJ), 6 units of Logitech M165 Wireless Mouse, 1 unit of OPTOMA X316 Projector, 1 unit of Logitech 400R Wireless Presenter, 6 units of Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Student package, 6 units of banquet table, 16 units of plastic chair, office pedestals and stationeries .

Post-Earthquake Relief

The Need

A massive 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit Ranau on 5 June 2015 destroying roads, buildings and even shook the majestic Mount Kinabalu. Kampung Kiau not too far from the epicentre was one of the villages affected by the quake. It is also where the GOMPITO office is, a community-based organization.

There was an immediate need for relief work and a longer term plan to equip and boost the morale of those affected through a sustainable tourism development plan through the improvement of tourism facilities and the training of local guides.

Our Involvement

BEST Society in collaboration with Borneo Eco Tours (BET) and GOMPITO worked together to repair the damaged GOMPITO office and organised a series of workshops for the villagers in Kampung Kiau. Seven BET volunteers taught English over a prior of two months and we roped in Max Lionel Teo, a University of Science Malaysia student to develop three English modules specifically designed to help villagers communicate with tourists.

The Impact

BEST Society with funding obtained through CIMB Foundation provided 6 units of laptops accompanied with accessories such as wireless mouse, projector, wireless presenter and Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Student package . They were also equipped with banquet tables, plastic chairs, office pedestals and stationaries.

Ira Mirdya, a local villager from Kampung Kiau Nuluh and a diploma graduate from University Tunku Abdul Razak was engaged to teach the villagers, both young and old at Kampung Kiau on computer literacy. The classes were basic but essential in ensuring that these rural folks are not left behind. At the end of the workshop series, villagers were even able to present using PowerPoint - a great improvement from not knowing how to switch on a computer!

On the contrary, Kampung Kiau is frequently visited by foreign and local tourists for jungle expeditions and their homestay programs. Guides and villagers needed to be able to communicate clearly and confidently to their guests. The sessions on learning English had a combined total of 46 children ranging from 5-13 years old participating of which majority came from Kg. Kiau Nuluh and several others from Kg. Kiau Bersatu. We targeted the younger learners as many of them would probably follow in the footsteps of their parents to become mountain guides. Other young learners continue to have the added advantage of English proficiency as they continued in school.

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