The competition intended to see exciting businesses which are capable of creating jobs in rural areas that would lead directly to economic growth and maximizing community impact.

Bali Inspired Adventures

The Need

Poverty is not just a lack of money. Lack of skills perpetuate poverty and inequality. Skills enhancement can reduce unemployment, raise incomes, and improve standards of living. Therefore, building capacity for continuous learning and improvement is essential towards community development.

Our Involvement

In April 2019, we took a trip to Bali to experience rural community initiatives and to learn construction knowledge and explore the different uses of bamboo. The trip was an eye-opening and experiential one for four villagers from Ulu Kiulu, who also happen to be MUKEST members, two BEST Society representatives and Ar. Tressie Yap. The one-week long programme revolved around authentic Balinese culture and traditions arranged by Five Pillar Experiences. It gave us the wonderful opportunity to visit places deep within the rural community (the lesser-known hidden gems) that would be an alternative means of livelihood for villagers through responsible tourism programs.

Apart from that, we visited the bamboo treatment facility, made scaled models using bamboo sticks and learnt the fundamentals of bamboo joinery techniques by working hands on under the guidance of architect and master carpenters at Sun Sang Eco Village.

The Impact

The learning didn't stop for all of us as we got our hands on two bamboo exhibit projects. The Giant Bamboo Wind-chime as part of Route To KL Biennale 2020 by National Art Gallery and the architectural bamboo exhibit during SHAREDA's Tech Me Home PROPEX 2019 annual property expo. On top of that, MUKEST was also part of Shangri-La's Rasaria Resort and Spa ‘green’ Christmas tree project that provided them with the opportunity to showcase local arts and crafts through the production of 27 bamboo lanterns.

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