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Bintang- more than just a shining star

Name: Bintang

Age : 4 Years Old (year 2018)

Sex : Female

Bintang was confiscated as an illegally held house pet and was sent to the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) on 15th July 2014. Weighing only 7.9kg and the youngest cub when she first arrived the centre, it was believed that her mother was most likely killed by poachers. She portrayed herself as a gentle female sun bear that was quick to adapt to new surroundings at such a tender age. Bintang and friends took their first step out into the forest enclosure on 24th December 2015. She enjoys playing in the dirt and is learning pertinent skills for her to survive in the wild. One distinct feature of Bintang is the sun-shaped mark she has on her chest with light black spots.  The decision to adopt Bintang since October 2016 was one of the greatest and we have been following her journey since then.