Vision & Mission

Borneo Ecotourism, Solutions and Technologies BEST Society was formed and registered as a community and environment profit society in April 2007 with the government under the Society Act 1966.

In November 2008, BEST Society took another step forward by appointing a Panel of Advisors of various disciplines comprising of businessmen, academic and civil servants to provide valuable inputs and to ensure its projects complement the work of the local authorities. All the committee members are volunteers and do not draw a salary.


  1. To improve human life.


  1. To interrupt poverty and dependency by raising funds to implement projects to improve health and hygiene in rural communities, and provide for basic needs such as water tanks and equipment to increase agriculture productivity.
  2. To alleviate poverty by building capacity to promote and develop alternative employment and generate income in addition to traditional farming, fishing, hunting to promote sustainable use of natural resources and food production in Sabah.
  3. To promote gender equality by providing job and training opportunities to empower women and girls.
  4. To test and apply modern technologies and environmental management practices in a local setting and to provide an economic model for sustainable development principles.
  5. To develop business, human and knowledge capital in rural communities through capacity building, skill training, technical assistance and leadership development programs of the local communities and to develop small enterprises through social entrepreneurship.
  6. To collaborate with other academic institutions, government agencies, NGOs and private sector organizations and leverage on their resources for mutual benefits to achieve its objectives.
  7. To rehabilitate, improve the degraded landscape and promote the conservation of the natural environment.

BEST Society Logo Interpretation


Curve: Symbolises that we all live on the same planet earth and that it is our responsibility to protect and keep it green.

Horizontal line: Linkage between our foundation and our own survival on planet earth.

Tree: The three branches reflecting the triple bottom line of social, environmental and economic sustainability merging into one strong foundation benefiting the environment and community

Light green: Incessant efforts on Green Approach and community development

Dark green: Sustainable results

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