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PITAS, March 5 2016 – A handover ceremony was held in Kg. Tutuwon and was attended by Mr Bubudan OT Majalu, the district officer of Pitas, Mr Justin Ng, representing Sky Community, and Mr Albert Teo of BEST Society together with Baton Bijamin, Pius Jaimin, Belinda Too and Dwana Andrew from Borneo Eco Tours. Also […]

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Bengkoka Living Water Phase 5 – Kg Tutuwon : A Way To Break The Cycle Of Poverty

Pitas – Long journey for a day visit to Kg. Tutuwon, Pitas on the last 9th December 2015. BEST Society initiative to organize a gravity water project in Kg. Tutuwon is quite challenging than other community projects. Back to BEST Society’s vission, we aim to improve human life, where at the same manner the people […]


Bengkoka Living Water Phase 5 – Kg Lugu : 365 Days Non-Stop Running Water Vs 100 Days Running Out of Water

22nd August 2015 – As early as six at the morning, a group of team from Borneo Ecotourism Solutions and Technologies (BEST) Society left Kota Kinabalu for three hours journey to Pitas. The team was welcomed by Pastor Inggi and escorted the team to Kg. Tutuwon to meet Pendeta Jonius. Bengkoka Living Water Project Phase […]

Discussion with the villagers of Kobon

Assessment Trip to Kg Kobon and Kg Mandamai

On August 2, 2014, BEST Society and SkyCommunity visited the village of Kg Kobon to follow up with the villagers that received water tanks in Pitas Bengkoka Living Water Project Phase 4. A total of 30 units of 400 gallons water tanks were delivered to them on the 9th July, 2014. After interviewing a few […]


Bengkoka Living Water Phase 4 – Kg Kobon

A total of 30 units of Weida 400 gallons blue water tanks were delivered to 28 families in Kg Kobon on 9th July, 2014. BEST Society and joint-organizer Skycom representative, Justin Ng, handed over the water tanks to the village representative, Joseph Murondok after they had successfully transferred the water tanks across the Bengkoka River […]


Connecting with Villagers of Kg Kobon and Kg Lugu

On Labour Day 1st of May, 2014, nine volunteers from Borneo Ecotourism, Solutions and Technologies (BEST) Society and SkyCommunity embarked on a four hour journey to Pitas, northern Sabah, Malaysia. The purpose of this visit is to have a dialogue session and strengthen community spirit with local villagers of Kg Kobon before the implementation of […]


Bengkoka Living Water Phase 3 – Kg Mandamai : Bringing Clean Water

The community of Mandamai, a village nestled deep in the interior on the Bengkoka River, Pitas, Sabah on Malaysian Borneo has every reason to celebrate Christmas early as the much-awaited water tanks finally arrived on 13th December 2013. The “Bengkoka Living Water” project was financed by the US-based energy corporation, ConocoPhillips and coordinated by Borneo […]


Bengkoka Living Water Project

Borneo Ecotourism Solutions & Technologies Society (BEST), ConocoPhilps and independent oil and gas exploration and production company and Sky community (SIB Skyline) are initiating a joint-community project in Bengkoka, in the Pitas District on the northern part of Borneo. The newly launched rainwater collection system project provides an alternatives source of drinking and cooking water […]