All Projects List

i) Community and Environment Projects in Kinabatangan in collaboration with BEST Society
Kelenanap Oxbow Lake Weeds Clearing Project1996BEST/SBH/SDK/1996/01/01
Rehabilition of Birds in Sukau1997BEST/SBH/SDK/1997/01/02
Sukau Water Tank Project (Phase I) 1997-1998BEST/SBH/SDK/1996/02/03
Sukau Fresh Water Tank Project (Phase II)1999-2000BEST/SBH/SDK/1999/01/04
Tree Planting Project – Kinabatangan Wildlife Corridor Regeneration Program (KWICORP)2000-presentBEST/SBH/SDK/2000/02/06
Scholarship for Sukau Rainforest Lodge’s First Local Nature Guides2001BEST/SBH/SDK/2001/01/07
Medical Project2001BEST/SBH/SDK/2001/02/08
Biogas Project2001BEST/SBH/SDK/2001/03/09
Korean Medical Project to Sukau2003BEST/SBH/SDK/2003/01/10
Water Tank Project2005BEST/SBH/SDK/2005/01/11
Medical Camp Project in Sukau2010BEST/SBH/SDK/2010/01/12
Sukau Primary School Awareness Programme2010BEST/SBH/SDK/2010/02/13
Sukau Primary School Students Celebrated World Environmental Day with BEST Society2011BEST/SBH/SDK/2011/01/14
Sukau Medical Camp2012BEST/SBH/SDK/2012/01/15
Bukit Garam to Sukau Bee Hive Migration Project2015


ii) Community and Environment Projects in Northern Sabah (Kudat and Pitas)
Technical Assitance to Bavanggazo LonghouseJan 1996BEST/SBH/KDT/1996/01/01
Mompilis Environment Clean-UpMay 1997BEST/SBH/KDT/1997/03/02
Project Matunggong 3/2008: The Way Ahead – Matunggong Tourism Development ProgramSep 2008BEST/SBH/KDT/2008/04/12
Project Matunggong 4/2008: Vision & Project Idenfication WorkshopOct 2008BEST/SBH/SDK/2008/05/13
Pitas Flood Crisis Relief Mission 2009Feb 2009BEST/SBH/KDT/2009/01/14
Project Matunggong 5/2009: Toward Personal Development SeminarApr 2009BEST/SBH/KDT/2009/02/15
Project Matunggong 6/2009: Personal Financial Management SeminarSep 2009BEST/SBH/KDT/2009/04/16
Kimihang Beach Environmental Awareness CampaignMay 2010BEST/SBH/KDT/2010/01/18a
Kimihang Environmental Conservation and Community Capacity Building Project LaunchingMay 2010BEST/SBH/KDT/2010/02/18b
Kimihang Environment Conservation and Community Capacity Building Project Launching (Video)May 2010
Terongkongan Project Air Kehidupan ‘Living Water’Aug 2010BEST/SBH/KDT/2010/03/19a
Business Opportunity Seminar, Matunggang, KudatAug 2010BEST/SBH/KDT/2010/04/20
Kimihang Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) Processing WorkshopOct 2010BEST/SBH/KDT/2010/05/18c
Mindset Development Seminar, Kg. HobutNov 2010BEST/SBH/KDT/2010/06/21
Another Succeesful Community Development Project ‘Living WaterFeb 2011BEST/SBH/KDT/2010/03/19b
BEST Society – Experiencing Ecotourism FirsthandApr 2011BEST/SBH/KDT/2011/01/19c
Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) Downstream Products Processing CourseJul 2011BEST/SBH/KDT/2011/02/18d
Mangrove Action Day in Kimihang, KudatJuly 2012BEST/SBH/KDT/2012/01/18e
Bengkoka Living Water ProjectSept 2012BEST/SBH/KDT/2012/02/22
Bonco Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) : A Community Project in Sabah, North of BorneoOct 2012BEST/SBH/KDT/2012/03/18f
BEST Society Received Shell’s Grant for Organic Farming ProjectMay 2013BEST/SBH/KDT/2013/01/23a
The Launching of Organic Farming Project\, Kg Rampai Besar, Kudat SabahJun 2013BEST/SBH/KDT/2013/02/23b
Enzyme Workshop for Organic FarmingJun 2013BEST/SBH/KDT/2013/03/23c
Free Medical and Dental Treatment for Mantanani Island CommunityJun 2013BEST/SBH/KDT/2013/06/24
Study Trip to Canaan FarmsAug 2013BEST/SBH/KDT/2013/04/23d
Career Talk for Rural School StudentsOct 2013BEST/SBH/KDT/2013/07/25
Shell’s Seed Fund II for FarmersNov 2013BEST/SBH/KDT/2013/05/23e
Educational Talk on Organic Farming by Korean ExpertDec 2013BEST/SBH/KDT/2013/08/23f
Bringing Clean Water to Mandamai Village – Bengkoka Living Water Phase 3Dec 2013BEST/SBH/KDT/2013/09/26
Glory Motivation Seminar in Sikuati, KudatJan 2014BEST/SBH/KDT/2014/01/23g
BEST Society Sponsors Business Training for 37 Village LeadersApr 2014BEST/SBH/KDT/2014/02/27
Learning Ecotourism and Volunteering in Sabah – the Best Outdoor ClassroomMay 2014BEST/SBH/KDT/2014/03/28
Connecting with Villagers of Kg Kobon and Kg LuguMay 2014BEST/SBH/KDT/2014/04/29
Shell’s Seeds Fund III & Vermicompost Workshop for Organic FarmersJune 2014BEST/SBH/KDT/2014/05/23h
Bengkoka Living Water Phase 4 (Kg Kobon)July 2014BEST/SBH/KDT/2014/06/30
Assessment Trip to Kg Kobon and Kg MandamaiAug 2014BEST/SBH/KDT/2014/07/31
Graduation Day for Ten FarmersSep 2014BEST/SBH/KDT/2014/08/23i
Improvement for the student hostel, Asrama Bantaran Joy Centre (ABJC)Mar 2015BEST/SBH/KDT/2015/01/32
Signal Hill Eco Farm ProjectJuly 2015
Kg. Tutuwon Water Gravity ProjectAug 2015
New Kitchen for ABJs StudentsDec 2015
Entrepreneur Seminar For The Orgnic Farm ParticipantsDec 2015


iii) Community and Environment Projects in Ranau
Water Supply Project Proposal for Kg. Desa Aman, Kundasang, Ranau, SabahJuly 2009BEST/SBH/KDS/2009/03/01
Camp Lemaing – Sir Hugh Low Expedition Camp : A Community Based Ecotourism ProjectAug 2014BEST/SBH/KDS/2014/01/02
A Milestone for Camp Lemaing – Sir Hugh Low Expedition CampAug 2014BEST/SBH/KDS/2014/02/03
Reaching out to Kundasang – Medical CampAug 2014BEST/SBH/KDS/2014/03/04


iv) Community Project in Kota Kinabalu
Blue Ocean Strategy: Developing Sabah’s Tourism Products & Brand SeminarSep 2008BEST/SBH/KK/2008/01/01
East Asia & Pacific Regional Council of Cheshire Homes (EAPacRC)Oct 2010BEST/SBH/KK/2010/01/02
Habitat For Humanity: Kg, Sarapung and Kg. Kolopis, PenampangJune 2015BEST/SBH/KK/2010/01/02
Habitat For Humanity: Kg. Sarapung, PenampangAug 2015BEST/SBH/KK/2010/01/02


iv) Community Project in Kiau
190 in Kiau Village Receive Free Medical and Dental ServicesApril 2015BEST/SBH/KIAU/2015/01/01
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