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PITAS, March 5 2016 – A handover ceremony was held in Kg. Tutuwon and was attended by Mr Bubudan OT Majalu, the district officer of Pitas, Mr Justin Ng, representing Sky Community, and Mr Albert Teo of BEST Society together with Baton Bijamin, Pius Jaimin, Belinda Too and Dwana Andrew from Borneo Eco Tours. Also present at the handover ceremony were Joseph Merundok, a resident of Kg Tutuwon, Jonius Enjin, the Village Chief of Kg. Tutuwon, Benjamin Musiang, the president of JKKK Kg. Tutuwon and Mejol Sukuan, representative of Kg. Tutuwon, Pitas whose goals is to get all his fellow villagers access to clean water sources. Mejol Sukuan has been involved in this project since phase 1.

The handover ceremony marked the completion of the fifth phase of Bengkoka Living Water (BLW) projects. There are 13 families who have benefited from this project that started with a site visit in August 22, in 2014. ConocoPhillips acting as the main sponsor throughout all 5 phases of BLW have contributed RM 19,293.05 to this phase coordinated by BEST Society.

The 5th phase of this projects involves the use of gravity water system. A gravity water is one which distributes water by the power of gravity. No pumps needed and no added energy – just energy that exists through the position of the water respect to a lower point. A gravity fed water system does have advantages such as flexibility on designing water system and pumping certain items to the required pressure and flow, ability to storage of water at the desired temperature and the independence from relying on the main pressure in the given area.

Mr Bubudan Majalu conveyed how grateful he was, during the ceremony, that the government is always willing to work together with the NGOs through community projects that can benefit the people. The Deputy President of BEST Society, Baton Bijamin also expressed his gratitude towards all the parties for their help and involvement in this project. He continued by saying “let us continue seeking our own potential to improve the way we live”.

Mejol Sukuan was quoted describing the project, “there is no water pipeline in this village. People have to get from small streams to get water, from the Bengkoka River or rain, to collect water. A designated committee has been assigned to maintain the water system. It was already determined that water from the system can only be used for drinking and cooking. The project is completed within 2 months and was built by the local villagers”.

Justin Ng from Sky Community added that “over the last 5 years, under the guidance of Mejol and Joseph, together with Albert and Timothy Teo, we have looked all over the district for spring water resource but we failed because there is none. Finally, Pastor Francis had also told us that he has found a spring water source here.”

The next BLW project – Phase 6, will soon be commencing in Kampung Nibang. Our current sponsor, ConocoPhillips will maintain its status as our main sponsor throughout this project.

BEST Society

The Society was officially registered in 2007 and funded by Borneo Eco Tours ( and Sukau Rainforest Lodge ( for community and environment benefits projects in Borneo. As of December 2015, Borneo Eco Tours, Sukau Rainforest Lodge and other sponsors have contributed to a total of RM 1,840,668.42 to BEST Society for community and environmental works. Read more about BEST Society and its projects at


ConocoPhilips is an independent upstream oil and gas company headquartered in USA with operation in almost 30 countries.


SkyCommunity is the community arm of Skyline SIB. Sky Community to help the S.T.O.P. (special, torn, oppressed & poor) people, to partner and assist them in transforming their communities.


PhaseLocationDateFamiliesNo. of Water TanksTotal Amount of Money Spent
1Kg. Lugu08 September 201214 families16RM 11,272.80
2Kg. Pandan15 December 201217 families18RM 10,377.20
3Kg. Mandamai13 December 201330 families32RM 21,980.75
4Kg. Kobon09 July 201428 families30RM 20,379.50
5Kg. Tutuwon05 March 201613 families4 – GRAVITY WATER TANSRM 19,293.05
TOTALRM 83,303.30




22 August 2015Inspection
09 December 20152nd Visit, Delivery of Items
13 January 2016Courtesy Visit to District Office of Pitas
05 March 2016Handover Ceremony



From left : Pius Jaimin, Belinda Too, Dwana Andrew, Justin Ng, Albert Teo, Bubudan Majalu, Baton Bijamin and Benjamin Musiang.


Pitas District Officer officiate the handover witnessed by Albert Teo, other key players and the village residents.


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