4 Borneo Eco Tours staff spent a half day volunteer at Kg. Sarapung for Habitat for Humanity Project

DSC_004615th August 2015, Saturday – In conjunction with the monthly volunteer activity, BEST Society and Borneo Eco Tours Kota Kinabalu sent the 4th trip of volunteers for Habitat for Humanity program. 5 volunteers have signed up for the recent trip, 2 men and 3 women from different division of BEST Society and BET organization.

Like the previous group, the project site was located in Kg. Sarapung, Kolopis, Penampang. The owner, Madam Doris Nois was very welcoming. The mission of the great five volunteers on the trip was to relocate the sand across the river to the designated place next to the house. Amazingly, mission accomplished within 3 hours and we continue with cleaning at the house’s surroundings thereafter.

According to Thomas, the Project Manager of Habitat, the house is now 85% completed. This is due to the consistency and the involvement of the owner, while Habitat for Humanity provides support in terms of human capital for the last two (2) months from various organizations and BEST and BEST Society were one of the supporter.

It is a privilege that BEST Society and BET KK have the opportunity to help people outside. We hope to continue to support in the future.

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