Bengkoka Living Water Phase 5 – Kg Lugu : 365 Days Non-Stop Running Water Vs 100 Days Running Out of Water

22nd August 2015 – As early as six at the morning, a group of team from Borneo Ecotourism Solutions and Technologies (BEST) Society left Kota Kinabalu for three hours journey to Pitas. The team was welcomed by Pastor Inggi and escorted the team to Kg. Tutuwon to meet Pendeta Jonius. Bengkoka Living Water Project Phase 5 and Phase 6 are funded by ConocoPhillipsinvolved two villages namely Kg. Tutuwon (RM 18 408.00) and Kg. Nibang (RM 7788.00).

DSC_0223Initially, the objective of the visit was to do inspection and interview with the recipients of water tank in Kg. Tutuwon (26 recipients) and Kg. Nibang (11 recipients). However, after the first house inspection, the team has decided to find better solutions instead of only provide water tanks, whereby, there are existing at least 1 water tank at each of the houses. A fruitful discussion between BEST Society, Pastor Inggi, Pendeta Jonius and Pastor Francis when all unanimously agreed to trek in fifteen minutes crossing rubber estate owned by Francis to look for the small stream up at the hillside.

The earlier option was to dig a few wells nearby to the houses and was to get an opinion from Pastor Francis. Having said that, Pastor Francis came up with a better solution, which is to allow the team to get into his private land compound to seek for the water source. It was a great satisfaction when all can hear the flowing stream.A quick survey done by the team to quantify the items needed for the water gravity project. Based on survey and approximate quick evaluation, the main items needed are 2 units of 400 gallons near to the water source; 400M of 4 inches and 300M of 3 inches poly pipe for the connection to the 400 gallons tanks with 2 units of 1000 gallon tanks near to Francis’ house.

The plan to supply water tank to each family would only relieve the villagers when it rains but during the drought season, they will still have no drinking water and have to resort to buy water at RM1 per 7 litres container from nearest town, Pitas, an hour drive away. With the execution of this gravity water project, the community of Kg. Tutuwon, Pitas will have running water all year round, of course with good maintenance and care.

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