BEST Society visit to Signal Hill Eco Farm

2nd July 2015 – Led by Mr. Albert Teo, Borneo Ecotourism Solutions and Technologies (BEST Society) and some of its members drop over to Signal Hill Eco Farm on the last 1st July 2015. 3 members of Organic Farm Phase 2 from Sikuati, Kudat also came for the visit.

The purpose of this visit was to know more about the main product of the Eco Farm, the operation and of course the owner of the Eco Farm, Mr. Lee. The event was also as an exposure for the participants of organic farm phase 2 in Sikuati, Kudat.

eco farm2

Mr. Teo talking with Mr. lee

Such an inspiring story from Mr. Lee that he started the farm two and a half years ago from the scratch and the whole process was a learning stage. The main motivation in starting the eco farm was because of his wife whom diagnosed with cancer. With limited financial income, Mr. Lee cannot afford to spend for his wife’s (Mrs. Lee) ongoing treatment in a hospital. Things became critical, Mrs. Lee need organic food for her daily nutrient. Thus, Mr. Lee initiated to do an organic farm by his own, to produce organic food so that Mrs. Lee can have fresh and guaranteed organic food. Now, they can enjoy fresh organic vegetables and chicken and duck and the most important, Mrs. Lee’s condition is stable after eating organic food. Interesting facts about Mr. Lee’s farm is he uses nature to control his farm and he experiments a lot. Through the willingness to try and persistence, he is now has a lovely eco farm. He also opened a food section, so that people can come to enjoy good food. People nowadays are more aware to eat good food, thus, he created an opportunity for the cancer patients to come and enjoy eating without fear.

eco farm1

Organic Farm

Mr. Lee’s method to control the cycle of the farm is based on nature. To name some of the methods are, he uses warm water to control the temperature of the soil, water the plant three times a day, remove the bottom leaves of the plants (such as chili’s tree) so that the pest from soil will come up and feed the chicken with herbs for healthy chicken. “Take the right food to eat” emphasized Mr. Lee after a productive sharing session with BEST Society.

Organic Farming in Sikuati, Kudat has started since May 2015 with Shell Sustainable Fund RM 40,000.00 and hoping that this visit has opened the eye and mind of the 3 chosen organic farming participants.

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