Girl’s Power: Borneo Ecotourism Solutions and Technologies (BEST) Society send out a Group of Female Volunteers to support Habitat for Humanity

20th June 2015, Saturday – Building house for the needy with Habitat for Humanity is a monthly activity organized by Borneo Ecotourism Solutions and Technologies (BEST) and Borneo Eco Tours.This program has started since 2014.

Recently, another group sent by BEST to build new house in Kg. Sarapung, Kolopis, Penampang. Lovely, all volunteers are female and very energetic. There were total of eight peoples from multi departmental. Coincidently, on the very same day, another group of students all the way from International School in France were on a 10 days volunteer program with Habitat for Humanity. The students are very young, energetic and friendly. They are average in 17-18 years old.


It was a privilege for the team that the Habitat for Humanity National President (Malaysia) Mr. Allen Tong and Habitat for Humanity – Sabah President Mr. George Chong with Mr. Anthony Tham and Mdm. Emily Togium, the board members, came to the site to support all the volunteers.The owner of the house, Mrs. Doris Nois was also at the site with the team. “I am very grateful with the help I received from all of you” said Mrs. Nois. BEST and BET will continue to help by send another group for the month of July.

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