Funding & Financial Report

Since we commenced operations in Sukau in 1999 as BEST Society (formerly SERDC) we have been able to achieve a great deal both for the local community and for the environment.

Over a period of thirteen years (1996-2012), a total of RM 1,024,738.85 were raised by BEST Society with about 43% of the funds generated internally (RM 173,895.29 or 17% from Sukau Rainforest Lodge, and RM 262,747.00 or 25.6% from Borneo Eco Tours and RM 1025.00 or 0.1% from Borneo Backpackers) to implement community and environmental projects.

Funding for BEST Society projects was and is primarily through an allocation of US$1 per every international guest that stays at our Sukau Rainforest Lodge. From 1 January 2007, this amount was fixed to RM 4.00. On 1 January 2007, with the formation of BEST Society, Borneo Eco Tours also contributes to BEST Society’s fund with allocation of RM 8.00 per international visitor who stays at Sukau Rainforest Lodge. In 2010, Borneo Eco Tours introduced conservation levy of RM 20.00 per tourist who purchases Kinabatangan package. The amount set aside from conservation levy as of December 2012 is RM 93,602.00. From time to time we also receive donations for our projects from guests to Sukau Rainforest Lodge.